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File Name : ZBrush for Mac ZBrush for Mac
Company : Pixologic, Inc
Program Type : Commercial Trial
File Size : 705.32MB
Requirements : Mac OS X
Supported Languages : Multiple languages
File Name : ZBrush_4R7_Trial_Installer_OSX.dmg

ZBrush for Mac Description and Download

ZBrush for Mac is a digital sculpting and painting suite that has revolutionized the 3D industry with some powerful features and intuitive workflows.
ZBrush for Mac claims to offer the world’s most advanced tools for today’s digital artists.
It provides a whole arsenal of features wrapped around an intuitive, modern interface.
ZBrush for Mac has been designed to allow the creativity of the user to be expressed in a natural way, while providing powerful tools to create stunning digital masterpieces.
With the ability to sculpt up to a billion polygons.
Key Features include:ArrayMesh.
ZModeler with QMesh.
The menus in ZBrush for Mac have been designed around a principle of circularity, and work together in a non-linear and mode-free method.
This is great for facilitating the interaction of 3D models, 2D images in new and unique ways.
ZBrush for Mac provides numerous tools needed to quickly sketch out a 2D or 3D concept and then move forward with that idea all the way to completion.
With Brush for Mac you can create realistic renders directly with lighting and atmospheric effects.
It also comes with lots of powerful export options, so you can easily prepare your model for 3D printing or use within any other digital app.
The great thing about ZBrush for Mac is that because of powerful software processing, you don’t have to worry about purchasing expensive graphics cards.
You can sculpt and paint with millions of polygons without the need for a super powerful Mac!

You can download by clicking here

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  • mikemiky
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    downloaded and opened working fine but i want to buy full version, so i have to pay some $$

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    downloaded, tyvm worked fine

  • whywhywhy
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    last update cannot find in this site, can you share the link bro ?

  • alexa_33
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    any rar pass on it ?

  • thunders
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    is this free version ?

  • Tyty
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    works great !

  • NYBoss
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    thanks from new york, you re best always

  • Michael11
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    download speed is very very fast how you achieve this :))