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File Name : Paintbrush Paintbrush
Company : Soggy Waffles
Program Type : Open Source
File Size : 1.49MB
Requirements : Mac OS X
Supported Languages : Multiple languages
File Name :

Paintbrush Description and Download

Paintbrush is an ideal choice for people who are looking for a Mac alternative to Microsoft Paint.
You just pick the paintbrush and start drawing freely and exactly in the way that you like.
It is not a photo editor for sure.
It cannot be used as a replacement of Photoshop or other editing software.
You can simply use it for drawing or doodling purposes.
There is a small toolbox as well.
You can select your paintbrush, the eraser, the area selector, as well as a color palette that can be used for your drawings.
Paintbrush is not something that can be used by an advanced level designer or an artist for sure but it is a kid friendly program to the core and would appeal to younger artists who are either just learning or having some fun.
You can save any drawings in most of the major image file formats.
However, the default is .
png format only.
Paintbrush is a small and fun app that can be used by anyone for a few moments of entertainment.
A blank canvas and a lot of imagination is what would bring your designs to life.
The color accuracy is better with the newer versions and the speed is also better this time.
Moreover, it comes with a 64-bit support now as well.
The newest version runs on OS X 10.
5 or later.
The features are very basic and the preferences too lie in the same category.
However, a lot of graphics are supported here.
If you have kids at home or if you want to experience the good old days of drawing in the kindergarten, this is a great option for you to explore.

You can download by clicking here

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  • Michael11
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    download speed is very very fast how you achieve this :))

  • nikitiki_
    865 posts User Reply

    tested and working fine man

  • whywhywhy
    889 posts User Reply

    last update cannot find in this site, can you share the link bro ?

  • Lololala
    731 posts User Reply

    it says serial key ? where can i find ?

  • Tyty
    355 posts User Reply

    works great !

  • thunders
    417 posts User Reply

    is this free version ?

  • mikemiky
    592 posts User Reply

    downloaded and opened working fine but i want to buy full version, so i have to pay some $$

  • alexa_33
    652 posts User Reply

    any rar pass on it ?