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File Name : Kiwi FREE PDF Comparer Kiwi FREE PDF Comparer
Company : Jose A Rivero
Program Type : Freeware
File Size : 23.54MB
Requirements : Windows (All Versions)
Supported Languages : Multiple languages
File Name : Kiwi_FREE_installer.jar

Kiwi FREE PDF Comparer Description and Download

Kiwi PDF Comparer has nothing to do with real Kiwis or any other species of flightless bird.
We can also confirm that no Kiwis were harmed in the making of this software.
(We think.
) But we can confirm that Kiwi PDF Comparer is software designed to detect the differences between two PDF documents.
And on this front it does a good job.
Kiwi PDF Comparer comes with two distinctive comparison modes.
The first features a text differential comparison mode that searches through PDF documents and finds the matches and differences between words.
This mode lets you differentiate between different types of changes such as modifications, insertions, deletions and movements.
The second scans and searches through pages scanning pixel by pixel, as if the PDF pages were images.
After the scan is done, and the comparison is made its easy to navigate from one difference to the next, by simple clicking a button.
Kiwi works by utilizing a series of differential algorithms, some of which have been created specifically for this software.
Its main aim is to detect and show differences between two PDF documents, and subsequently review different versions of documents quickly, easily and accurately.
Kiwi PDF Comparer has some nice tricks up its sleeves and has been designed with users in mind.
Functionality is key, and you can choose specific areas to compare and leave out headers, footers, and side margins simply and easily.
Detected differences are underlined with red revision marks making for easy analysis and comparison.
Key Features:Compare and match differences in text, or pixel by pixel.
Selective comparison options.
Distinguish between different types of changes such as: Modifications, Insertions, Deletions, and Movements.
Side by side document viewing and change comparisons side by side.
Easy visualization and navigation.
Framed changes.
One very real highlight worth mentioning here is that Kiwi can also compare the differences in other document types.
By simply printing them to PDF, you can use Kiwi’s scanning algorithms with ease.
Kiwi PDF Comparer works with pretty much every version of Windows from XP up to 10, and you must have Java installed for it to work properly (most computers already have Java on installed).
The free version will only compare up to 100 pages, after that you need to pay.
So if you only need to compare 99 pages of PDFs this could be the best free software you will ever find.
If you have more than that, Kiwi is, we think you’ll find, very reasonably priced.

You can download by clicking here

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  • mikemiky
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    downloaded and opened working fine but i want to buy full version, so i have to pay some $$

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    last update cannot find in this site, can you share the link bro ?

  • nikitiki_
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    tested and working fine man

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    thanks from new york, you re best always

  • Alex. R
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    Thank you very much man <3

  • alexa_33
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    any rar pass on it ?

  • Michael11
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    download speed is very very fast how you achieve this :))

  • thunders
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    is this free version ?