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File Name : Comma Comma
Company : Lubomír Drinka
Program Type : Commercial Trial
File Size : 3.80MB
Requirements : Windows (All Versions)
Supported Languages : Multiple languages
File Name : comma_setup.exe

Comma Description and Download

If you struggle with the English language, in particular with punctuation, and you may forget sometimes to add or remove commas, then this is the app for you.
Comma is able to add the missing commas in your text, based on the following grammar rules; before correlative conjunctions, before coordinating conjunctions, beforesubordinating conjunctions, before interjection, before quotes up, between the same parts of speech: nouns, adjectives, numerals, and before question tags.
It is also able to correct missing quotation marks, it can also repair mismatches with quotations, commas, colons, and subordinating conjunctions that do not qualify for containing commas.
Key Features include:Adds or remove commas based on a few rules.
Drag and drop support.
Single windowed interface.
Overall, Comma is a great tool to help assist you if your punctuation skills are less than stellar.
It could come in handy, for instance, if you need to format numerous documents, or if you have to review their own work and spend inordinate amounts of time proofreading.
The app is fairly lightweight, and the interface is very easy to work with.
If you follow the rules for formatting your documents, then Comma can help you out as it processes text-based files faster than you ever could.
It is particularly useful if you have large amount of work to do and hardly any time to proofread it!Please note, the trial version of the app has the following limitations: 30 day restriction, 30 launches, 1000 phrases.

You can download by clicking here

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  • Michael11
    485 posts User Reply

    download speed is very very fast how you achieve this :))

  • Alex. R
    449 posts User Reply

    Thank you very much man <3

  • Lololala
    692 posts User Reply

    it says serial key ? where can i find ?

  • thunders
    647 posts User Reply

    is this free version ?

  • mikemiky
    400 posts User Reply

    downloaded and opened working fine but i want to buy full version, so i have to pay some $$

  • alexa_33
    525 posts User Reply

    any rar pass on it ?

  • Firstthingsfirst
    562 posts User Reply

    downloaded, tyvm worked fine

  • Tyty
    473 posts User Reply

    works great !